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Zenith Opera Competition is a vocal competition established to showcase the talents of singers that are in the prime and are looking for more exposure in their opera careers.

The goal is to attract singers of all ages from and all over the world, to have them audition and be heard by a panel of distinguished international personalities of the opera world today. The jury of the Semi Finals and Finals are recognized international professionals in the world of opera including international casting directors, young artist program directors, and artist managers.

The competition is open to singers of all nationalities. 
There are no age restrictions for the applicants.  
Singers of the highest caliber are encouraged to apply. 

At the judges’ discretion, cash awards will be awarded to First, Second, and Third place winners; Encouragement Awards may also be given. Semi-Finalists and Finalists will be eligible to receive professional development awards

The Competition

Virtual: No travel required. Audition from your own home, or the location of your choosing 


The competition will have three rounds.

  1. Qualifying round: video submissions of two (2) contrasting arias (Recordings should be reflective of current vocal ability). 25 singers will be selected by our preliminary panel.
  2. Semi-Final round: Those 25 singers will sing one (1) aria of their choosing for our Semi-Final panel of judges. Each singer will get 10 minutes and may include part of a second aria, if their first aria is less than 5 minutes.
  3. Finals: 8 singers will be selected from the Semi-Final round to sing two (2) arias for our Finals panel. First, Second, and Third place and any additional prizes will be given at the end of the Finals in our Awards Ceremony.

Accompaniment for Semi-Final and Finals rounds:
Using a live pianist is encouraged. If that is not an option, using a backtrack will be acceptable.

What’s included for Semi-Finalists:
Private session to coordinate your technological setup for maximum quality.
An opportunity to be heard by agents, casting directors, esteemed conductors and opera singers. Access to professional development opportunities.

What’s included for all registered singers: 15 mn feedback session


Qualifying round: Completed applications must be received by April 22, 2023
Semi-Finals: Saturday May 13, 2023 17:00 CET
Finals: Sunday May 21, 2023 18:00 CET

The top three finalists will be awarded a cash prize. 

First: $2500
Second: $1500
Third: $750

Every finalist will receive a professional development opportunity, to be determined by the producers and the panel. 

We are honored by your interest in our mission and are looking forward to hearing you sing!

Kathryn Henry – 2021 ZOC 1st Prize Winner

“It was an extreme pleasure to be a part of the inaugural year of the Zenith Competition. It was clear that the extraordinarily accommodating staff put much thought and consideration into how they organized each round, making the entire stretch of the competition run seamlessly for everyone involved. The jury was made up of highly regarded and established professionals in the field. I was also overjoyed to hear that us competitors were able to choose our own repertoire to sing throughout each round. This was a very uncommon perk that proved to ease nerves and make the participants’ experience very rewarding and enjoyable! It was an incredible experience – if you are thinking about applying, absolutely go for it!!” Alexandra Razskazoff – 2021 ZOC 2nd Prize Winner

“The Zenith Opera Competition was an amazing opportunity to be heard by an international panel of judges. I was able to sing for many respected US and European opera professionals. I am so grateful to have won this competition and am looking forward to planning my first European audition tour in the near future, thanks to the momentum, guidance, and connections provided by ZOC!”  Veronique Filloux – 2022 1st Prize Winner

“I am so very honored and grateful to have been apart of the ZOC competition! It gave me the opportunity to sing for some of the highest casting directors in the business at a really good time of my career. Also, I am so grateful for the financial help they offered me. It blessed me at a time that I truly needed it as I was just leave my Young Artist Program and starting my career. Thank you so much ZOC!❤️Blake Denson – 2022 ZOC 2nd Prize Winner

“I extremely enjoyed my time as a contestant with the Zenith Opera Competition. I really felt welcomed and taken care off. ” Keymon Murrah – 2021 ZOC 3rd Prize Winner

“I loved the Zenith Opera Competition experience! I felt respected and valued by the competition administration and the panel of judges at every stage of the competition. I got feedback from the panelists who work at the highest level of our field as singers, agents, and casting directors. I made connections that have led to a number of auditions with major opera companies in the US. I strongly recommend participating in the Zenith Opera Competition.” Maureen Brabec – ZOC Finalist

“Having the chance to compete in the final of the Zenith Opera Competition was such an honor and an incredible experience during the pandemic. It was amazing to perfom for such a high caliber jury and develop connections with them. ” Mary McCabe – ZOC Finalist 

2022 Winners

Veronique Filloux – 1st Prize
Blake Denson – 2nd Prize
Fernando Cisneros –  3rd Prize


Jury 2022

Qualifying Round

Conductor & Vocal Coach

Conductor, Composer, Vocal Coach & Zenith Opera Competition co-director

Soprano, CEO of SoftlyLoud Artist Consulting & Zenith Opera Competition co-director

Semi Final Round

Artist Manager at Encompass Artist Management

Conductor, Composer, Vocal Coach & Zenith Opera Competition co-director

Soprano, CEO of SoftlyLoud Artist Consulting & Zenith Opera Competition co-director

Leticia Martin Ruiz

Production Director & Assistant Artistic Director at Gran Teatro del Liceu 

Samuel Krum

Senior Artist Manager at Robert Gilder & co.


Artistic Director at Teatro Real 

Deputy Artistic Director and Casting Director at Oper Leipzig

Oper Stuttgart Casting Director

Chief Artistic Officer at Santa Fe Opera, Artistic Coordinator at Dallas Opera & Casting Consultant at Bayerische Staatsoper

Associate Artistic Administrator at The Metropolitan Opera

Jury 2023 - Will be announced in December 2022

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